Remember that your account is active only at the time when it is topped up with a minimum of 10 PLN on the account or the moment the credit card is linked to it

Initial fee 10 PLN
Payment for bike rental
The amounts sum up
Duration of rental
up to 20 minutes 0 PLN
from 21 to 60 minutes1 PLN
from 61 to 120 minutes 3 PLN
from 121 to 180 minutes5 PLN
from 181 to 240 minutes and every subsequent hour 7 PLN
Letter notifications regarding breaching the Terms of Service10 PLN
Charge for collecting abandoned bike in a place other than one of the designed stations in the user zone180 PLN
Charge for collecting abandoned bike in a place other than one of the designed stations out of the user zone500 PLN
Payment for exceeding the 12 hour limit of rental200 PLN

Fees specified in the table are VAT tax inclusive

Theft, loss or damage of a bike2000 PLN

Appendix no. 2 Costs of repair and restoring of a bike at Otwocki Rower Miejski System

NAMEunit of measurementPRICE*VAT 23%TOTAL
Fork adapterpiece84.00 PLN19.32 PLN103.32 PLN
Front mudguardpiece9.50 PLN2.19 PLN11.69 PLN
Back mudguardpiece9.50 PLN2.19 PLN11.69 PLN
Chippiece24.78 PLN5.70 PLN30.48 PLN
Tube 26×2.125piece8.40 PLN1.93 PLN10.33 PLN
Bellpiece3.60 PLN0.83 PLN4.43 PLN
Brake lever, right sidepiece9.92 PLN2.28 PLN12.20 PLN
Pipe TP-06 Allu. Regulated/ Silverpiece0.60 PLN0.14 PLN0.74 PLN
Roller brakepiece134.90 PLN31.03 PLN165.93 PLN
Barspiece17.81 PLN4.10 PLN21.91 PLN
Brake padspiece4.70 PLN1.08 PLN5.78 PLN
Set of brakes (clamps)piece15.57 PLN3.58 PLN19.15 PLN
Left crankpiece19.50 PLN4.49 PLN23.99 PLN
Crank with rackpiece28.00 PLN6.44 PLN34.44 PLN
connection blockpiece6.30 PLN1.45 PLN7.75 PLN
Basketpiece8.85 PLN2.04 PLN10.89 PLN
Front lightpiece19.93 PLN4.58 PLN24.51 PLN
Back lightpiece11.63 PLN2.67 PLN14.30 PLN
Brake line (band)piece2.46 PLN0.57 PLN3.03 PLN
Line (band) of rear dérailleurpiece1.90 PLN0.44 PLN2.34 PLN
Chainpiece5.70 PLN1.31 PLN7.01 PLN
Basket fixpiece18.06 PLN4.15 PLN22.21 PLN
Chain guard fixpiece6.72 PLN1.55 PLN8.27 PLN
Back reflectorpiece1.59 PLN0.37 PLN1.96 PLN
Tyre (26 x 2.125)piece27.41 PLN6.30 PLN33.71 PLN
Carrier guard (back)piece24.61 PLN5.66 PLN30.27 PLN
Chain guardpiece5.70 PLN1.31 PLN7.01 PLN
Brake line shellmeters1.67 PLN0.38 PLN2.05 PLN
Rear derailleur shellmeters2.11 PLN0.49 PLN2.60 PLN
Set of pedalspiece13.26 PLN3.05 PLN16.31 PLN
Front hub (dynamic)piece164.90 PLN37.93 PLN202.83 PLN
Back hubpiece130.05 PLN29.91 PLN159.96 PLN
Rear derailleur pusherpiece8.87 PLN2.04 PLN10.91 PLN
Front tyre with dynamopiece196.00 PLN45.08 PLN241.08 PLN
Rear derailleur with steering modulepiece20.40 PLN4.70 PLN25.10 PLN
Lamp cablesmeters5.12 PLN1.18 PLN6.30 PLN
Bike framepiece457.38 PLN105.20 PLN562.58 PLN
Left handlepiece5.49 PLN1.26 PLN6.75 PLN
Right handlepiece4.71 PLN1.08 PLN5.79 PLN
Saddlepiece15.30 PLN3.52 PLN18.82 PLN
Advertisement sidespiece33.60 PLN7.73 PLN41.33 PLN
Headsetspiece5.69 PLN1.31 PLN7.00 PLN
Footer/ supportpiece14.40 PLN3.31 PLN17.71 PLN
Support 115mmpiece12.56 PLN2.89 PLN15.45 PLN
Front spokepiece0.27 PLN0.06 PLN0.33 PLN
Back spokepiece0.27 PLN0.06 PLN0.33 PLN
seat pillarpiece15.63 PLN3.59 PLN19.22 PLN
Roller brake screwpiece19.90 PLN4.58 PLN24.48 PLN
Brake lever adjusting screwpiece0.62 PLN0.14 PLN0.76 PLN
Back 3 speed wheelpiece148.50 PLN34.16 PLN182.66 PLN
Forkpiece43.00 PLN9.89 PLN52.89 PLN
Handlebar stempiece16.93 PLN3.89 PLN20.82 PLN
seat tubepiece6.00 PLN1.38 PLN7.38 PLN
Lock code ABUSpiece56.10 PLN12.90 PLN69.00 PLN
Electro lockpiece672.00 PLN154.56 PLN826.56 PLN

* may be subject to changes

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